About Alexander


  • Name: Alexander Williams (a-double-u)
  • Origin: Montreal, Canada
  • Location: Kamakura, Japan (near Tokyo)
  • Age: 35
  • Langs: French, English, Spanish, Japanese, Korean
  • Job: Entrepreneur, Engineer
  • Open Source: Yes! My GitHub
  • Favourite Pen: Zebra FD-502
  • Favourite Paper: L!FE Noble Note
  • Goal: ENJOY LIFE

The present

In early 2012, we (Patrice LaFlamme, my best friend and amazing Sysadmin/Software Engineer) created our own company (Unscramble) in Tokyo Japan.

We built a platform and service (Jidoteki) for creating virtual appliances from scratch, which helps companies put their SaaS apps on-premises.

The past

The last ~17 years (since Jan 2000) have been spent working in the IT industry as an R&D systems architecture specialist, system/network administrator, freelance web developer, technical and customer support guru.

Notable companies I worked for:

Some companies I consulted for:

I’ve written and self-published a free Web Scaling eBook.


As an athlete, I’m rather versatile in a number of sports. My favorites are: running (5k to 10k), SUP (stand up paddle), american football, snowboarding, basketball, hockey, soccer.

Like most people, I love traveling, and was lucky to have spent considerable amount of time all over the USA and Canada (east and west coasts), Jamaica, Spain, London UK, Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the Philippines.

I extensively use multiple library cards and museum memberships, so if I'm nowhere to be found, you should look there first.


I have a tendency to dart into a shop which caters to one of my obsessions. It's nearly impossible to walk past without going inside “just to see”.

  • Vinyl records
  • Stationery
  • Used books
  • G-Shock watches

Projects and interests

Throughout the years, I've adopted various projects and my interests have shifted around different areas.

  1. My business: Jidoteki.
  2. Mastering PicoLisp.
  3. Learning Japanese Kanji.
  4. Organizing Tokyo Bootstrap Lunches.
  5. Reading all the Books.